5 Tricks You Should Know about Forensic Science Personal Statement

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How Important Is Your Forensic Science Personal Statement?

Forensic science is the branch that seeks to provide impartial and unbiased evidence for use in a court of law as well as helping with a criminal investigation. It is a surprisingly popular area for applicants wanting to apply to study and as such places can be very hard to gain. You will be competing with many other applicants who will be excellently qualified and your application will need to be able to make you stand out if you want any chance of being accepted.

Often your forensic personal statement will be the deciding factor in any decisions being made as you will often be very similarly qualified to many of the other applicants. Your personal statement writer is therefore often your only method of standing out. Writing that outstanding statement for your forensics application, however, is not going to be easy at all, no matter which personal statement you need: molecular biology and forensic science personal statement, forensic science and biological science personal statement or UCAS forensic science personal statement.

Tips and Tricks for Writing the Best Forensic Computing Personal Statement

Colleges for forensic science programs are very competitive so your personal statement really does need to be written perfectly. It needs to be able to grab the attention of the committee that will review all of the applications and make you very memorable as well as showing that you are a perfect match to their program.

The following are some helpful tips for writing yourself an effective personal statement that is going to get you noticed:

  • Always tailor your personal statement to the specific forensic science program that you are applying to. Read their prospectus and their website so you know precisely what they offer and what they are looking for from their applicants. The better that you show you have done your research within your statement the more interested you look.
  • Cover everything that they are looking for within your forensic science essay and do it clearly and decidedly:
    • Clearly show why you are interested in forensic science
    • Show what steps you have already taken to follow your passion
    • Indicate what career path you see for yourself
    • Show what skills you have that suit you for this area
    • Indicate any specific reasons for applying to their specific program
  • Get their attention right from the start. You need to be different and you need to make them want to read. Potentially they are going to read hundreds of statements to ensure that your opening is capable of getting them intrigued. Use a relevant personal anecdote that is going to provide a good framework for your statement. Ensure that you maintain that attention by telling a story that draws them through your statement.
  • Avoid many of the mistakes that applicants make with their science personal statements or any other application papers:
    • Never use clichés
    • Avoid quotations as they want to hear what you have to say
    • Write in a clear and easy to understand manner; don’t try to use overly unusual words or slang and acronyms
    • Write concisely and get straight to the point
    • Don’t make unsubstantiated claims; always demonstrate with an example
    • Avoid humor
    • Always be truthful in what you write and only talk about yourself
    • Always approach everything from a positive view
  • Eliminate any errors: even if you have written the best possible personal statement if you submit it with a writing error that the reader then sees your application could be dismissed. If you are really interested in a program then you will take the time to ensure that your application is free of errors. If you still have problems with writing your personal statement you better ask professional personal statement services for help.

colleges for forensic science studyTop 5 Forensic Science Programs

Here are the top 5 forensic science programs in the US. You can also check our cyber security personal statement checklist.

  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of California
  • Syracuse University
  • Boston University

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