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Personal Statement Writing in Brazil

It is fairly common for some students in Brazil to continue their academic studies at a foreign university. Many of the universities they apply to will require a personal statement as part of the application process. There are several types of personal statements you could encounter which may include the following:

  • Personal mission statement – This is usually a method encouraged for setting goals. It is basically a statement of goals and objectives you have in a specific area, for a specific period of time. For example, you might have a personal mission statement for your academic goals for a year.
  • Personal history statement – A brief essay that connects how your past life experiences have influenced the career goals you have for the future
  • Personal statement – The basic personal statement most universities will require. It is usually left up to the individual what to include as long as it is personal and about the one writing it.

UCAS Personal Statement Writing in Brazil

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The UK is often where students in Brazil choose to continue their studies, due to the quality and prestige of many of the universities there. When applying to any college or university in the UK, applications are processed by the UCAS (University and College Application Service). When writing your personal statement, UCAS criteria must be met. You can only submit one personal statement regardless of how many schools you apply to. The personal statement is limited to 4000 characters or 47 lines of text. You may write about anything you choose as long as it is personal. Whatever you choose to write on, one way or another you should provide answers to the following questions:

  • Why have you chosen to pursue this particular subject and what first got you interested in the topic?
  • What qualities and traits do you have that aren’t reflected in other documents that make you a good choice for studying the subject?
  • What are your future career plans in the field?

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Top 5 Universities in Brazil

  1. University of São Paulo
  2. University of Campinas
  3. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  4. São Paulo State University
  5. Federal University of São Paulo

Personal Statement Writing Help in Brazil

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