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Personal Statement Writing for Brunei University Applicants Abroad

University applicants from Brunei will find that part of the application process in other countries includes writing an exchange student personal statement. Learning how to write personal statement essays will be necessary to gain entrance to many school programs, especially those that are competitive. Schools vary in how much weight the personal statement carries. However, in any university where the number of qualified applicants is greater than available openings, there is a possibility that your personal statement could be the deciding factor as to whether or not you are admitted. Personal statement examples from previous applicants are a useful learning aid and a good place to begin the learning process. Don’t limit yourself to just one personal statement sample. Read as many as you can, both good and bad.

Personal Statement Basics for Brunei Applicants to Foreign Universities

There are no firm rules for writing the personal statement. Some rules such as the word restrictions imposed on a UCAS personal statement must be followed if applying to a university in the UK. However, personal statement format and content is left up to the individual. The following is one method of how to write a personal statement that is often used:

  • Introduction – address the question of why you want to pursue the particular course you are applying for and briefly touch on the main points you will be presenting in the following paragraphs
  • The second paragraph – discuss skills and abilities you have that aren’t covered in other documents that will be an asset in the course you have chosen
  • The third paragraph – include information about work experience, volunteer work and non-academic school activities that are relevant to the course
  • Fourth paragraph – extracurricular activities and interests. Showing a connection between these and the course applied for is beneficial to you
  • Tie all your points together and state again why you wish to pursue this subject

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Top 5 Universities in  Brunei

  1. University of Brunei Darussalam
  2. Brunei Institute of Technology
  3. Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University
  4. Brunei Polytechnic
  5. Jefri Bolkiah College of Engineering
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Personal Statement Writing Help in Brunei

Brunei applicants to foreign universities can hire a personal statement writer from our service. Whether you need editing, revising or an entire personal statement written, our personal statement writing service is qualified to supply the help you need. We use professional writers who possess the skills and experience to consistently produce personal statements of the highest caliber. Using our service has other advantages including:

  • Free plagiarism checks
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  • Guarantees that the personal statement we provide meets all your requirements
  • Customer support available anytime 24/7

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