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Personal Statement Writing in Bulgaria

For those seeking employment or to further their academic studies outside of Bulgaria, writing a personal statement may well be a necessity. Writing a personal statement for a job is one way to quickly let employers know what your qualifications are. In many cases, the personal statement teaching for a job will be at the top of job applicants resume or CV. It is generally a brief 50 to 100 word statement containing the following information:

  • Personal Qualities – Positive traits that are desirable to employers
  • Skills – Key skills relevant to the position applied for should be listed first.
  • Experience – Relevant experience that is useful in the position applied for

Employers may spend only seconds scanning a resume and the personal statement is used to provide important information first, with the hope of securing an interview. The personal statement university applicants write will differ from personal statements for jobs.

Writing the UCAS Personal Statement in Bulgaria

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The personal statement is an important part of your university application, although some schools may consider it more important than others. In the UK all university applications are processed by the UCAS. You will submit your application requirement one time to UCAS regardless of whether you apply to only one school or five schools. When writing the personal statement UCAS or even China personal statement, criteria must be met and only one personal statement is accepted. This makes it difficult if you want to apply for two different and unrelated subjects. If you focus too much on qualities desirable in one subject, it is to the detriment of the other. Admissions boards want the following questions addressed in the personal statement:

  • Why are you applying for this subject?
  • What qualities and abilities do you have that qualify you to study the subject?
  • What future career plans do you have in the subject field?

Should you want to study either computer science or biology and you write as if your UCAS personal statement were a computer science personal statement, it is very unlikely you will be selected into the biology program you applied to. If you are having trouble writing the personal statement for the university, our personal statement writing service can help.

Top 5 Universities in Bulgaria

  1. Sofia University
  2. New Bulgarian University
  3. Burgas Free University
  4. Plovdiv University
  5. Technical University – Sofia

Personal Statement Writing Help in Bulgaria

If you want to find a personal statement writer, we provide personal statement writing help ranging from critiquing your personal statement, to editing or even writing an entire personal statement for you. Our professional writers have the knowledge and experience to write a personal statement that gets the best results. Our service includes:

  • Professional editing of every personal statement
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When you need personal statement help, contact us for a compelling and effective personal statement.