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How to Write a Personal Statement For Undergraduate Admission With Us

According to the record of University of Illinois, there are about 40,000 candidates who are applying to medical schools and other colleges yearly. About 16,000 of those applicants are being admitted. The ratio between women and men varies between colleges. In applying, you need to submit a personal statement, but here are tips on how to write a personal statement for undergraduate admission or graduate admission to know before writing one. And you should remember that applicant papers for universities are different.  National University of Singapore personal statement should be can`t be used for Stanford.
how to write a personal statement for undergraduate admission


Tips in on How to Write a Personal Statement Quickly

An application essay is not easy to do because you need to invest enough time and effort. If you want to have ideas on how to construct it perfectly, here is what you should know.

  • Be yourself: Some of the schools encourage candidates to write about education, passion, talents or family. They want to know about events or significant places in your life.
  • Show diversity: The essay is your chance to differentiate yourself from others that is why you need to explain bout yourself such as what contributions you have made. Also, show you associate with other students.
  • Do a research: In writing, you need to know about optional or supplementary requirements you need to submit. Check if for the requirement details that you need to include. Be sure also if it is optional to include or not. You will only know about it by researching.
  • Follow directions and be concise: In the essay question, be sure to answer it in a way that the program requires it. Following directions and being concise in answering is what you need to do.
  • Go beyond GPA, test scores and resume: You need to know about entry documents and requirements, but do not worry much about your test scores and GPA because you can explain it in your personal statement. The essay is your chance to explain your weakness and strengths.

Tricks on How to Shorten Time in Writing the Personal Statement

The time you know how to write a personal goal statement, then you also need to know some tricks how to shorten the time in writing it.

  • Highlight or circle all adverbs: Take out all adverbs such as very, completely, absolutely and extremely.
  • Look for short phrase or single word: Take out words that are not needed in your essay. Look for words such as first, in fact and others, and then read it. If it is not needed, take it out.
  • Delete helping verbs.
  • Turn nouns into verbs.

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How to Format Personal Statement

A typical personal statement includes a strong introduction, body paragraphs describing yourself and an impressive conclusion wrapping up what you have discussed or written. In each program, be sure that you write a different essay. Avoid having one essay for all the schools that you are applying for. Tailoring your essay to each university is required. Finally, follow the tips and tricks in writing the essay to improve your chances of being accepted.

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