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Personal Statement Writing for University Scholarship Applicants in Kenya

Writing personal statement essay will be required for students in Kenya who choose to attend university in another country. For students applying for available grants and scholarships, a personal statement for scholarship will also have to be written. When writing the personal statement for scholarship, some of the types of information you might include are:

  • Family background
  • Academic and career goals
  • Academic and personal achievements
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Financial need
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Make certain all aspects of the scholarship qualifying criteria are covered. Highlight your strengths and focus on what you have done and will do as opposed to what you haven’t done.

Basic Personal Statement Writing Guidelines for University Applicants from Kenya

Personal statements for university applicants serve the same purpose whether it’s a personal statement for masters program or for undergraduate study. In the UK all undergraduate program applicants write a UCAS personal statement, while in the US, undergraduates personal statement varies by institution. All have the same purpose. That is to convince admissions boards that you have the desire and ability to successfully complete the course of study. To do this your personal statement needs to do the following:

  • Explain why you chose to study the subject and what it was that initiated your interest in it.
  • Provide information on qualities and abilities you have that will be useful in studying the subject, and use examples to show how you have displayed those qualities and abilities.
  • Show your enthusiasm and passion for the subject by providing examples of extracurricular activities related to the subject you have participated in, work that you have done, or even books you have read that are relevant to the subject
  • Provide information on your future career goals in the subject field.

For those applying to graduate programs, some schools may be interested in seeing a personal mission statement related to career goals. If you are unsure how to write your personal statement, the personal statement writing service we provide can help.

Top 5 Universities in Kenya

  1. University of Nairobi
  2. Moi University
  3. Kenyatta University
  4. Strathmore University
  5. United States International University

Personal Statement Writing Help in Kenya

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