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Personal Statement Writing for University Applicants from Malaysia

malaysia personal statementFor students from Malaysia applying to universities outside their writing, a personal statement is required for university application. This is required for all applicants and has several purposes. Those purposes are:

  • The personal statement provides insight into applicants that is useful to admissions for assessing how committed an applicant is to complete their course of study.
  • Personal statements may be used as a fundamental instrument for choosing between equally well-qualified applicants in programs.
  • Personal statements provide a way for applicants to directly address and influence admissions and demonstrate their desire and ability to complete a program.

malaysia personal statement writing serviceSome universities may want to see your personal mission statement to see how you have planned your career path and where their program fits in. If you are seeking financial aid for school in the form of a scholarship or grant, you need to prepare a personal statement for scholarship as well.

Tips on Writing a Personal Statement UCAS Applicants from Malaysia Can Use

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Writing a UCAS personal statement is necessary for anybody applying to an undergraduate university program in the UK. The following tips can be used when writing personal statement essays for UCAS:

  • Be sure to provide the reasons why are you interested in studying the subject you are applying for. Be specific in your explanation.
  • Show your passion and enthusiasm for the subject. If possible provide examples of extracurricular activities that are suitable to the subject.
  • Support any statement or claims you make with evidence that backs your statement up.
  • Avoid using long complicated sentences and big words that you wouldn’t normally use.

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Top 5 Universities in Malaysia

  1. National University of Malaysia
  2. University of Technology, Malaysia
  3. University of Science, Malaysia
  4. College of Agriculture Malaya
  5. International Islamic University Malaysia

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