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Purpose of Writing a Personal Statement for Applicants from Mauritius

If you are planning to work or attend the university outside of the country then you will probably be faced with having to write a personal statement. The personal statement conveys important information about you that an organization or institution will find useful. The personal statement in CV documents will contain information regarding your personal qualities, skills, and experience that an employer needs to determine if they will hire you. Your personal statement for university admission will provide information regarding your reasons and motivations for taking a course as well as future plans you have, to make a decision as to whether or not they will accept you into their program. The personal statement for CV and the personal statement for university use different information and styles to achieve a similar purpose.

Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for Applicants from Mauritius

There are certain aspects of personal statement writing that will be applicable to writing a personal statement for a job or for a school such as the UCAS personal statement. The following tips can be applied when writing most personal statements:

  • Get the reader’s attention – Your personal statement needs a hook to grab the readers interest and make them want to learn more.
  • Most important information first – You should try and get the most important information out first. If you save it for later it may never get read.
  • Write in a clear and concise style – Convey as much information as possible in the fewest number of words while still making your point clearly and easily understood. This style of writing is a skill in itself that schools and employers will recognize
  • Proofread – Proofread your personal statement for spelling and grammatical errors. Prospective employers and school admissions boards both will be inclined to discount applicants with many basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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Top Universities in Mauritius

  1. University of Mauritius
  2. University of Technology, Mauritius
  3. Mauritius Institute of Education
  4. Mahatma Gandhi Institute
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Personal Statement Writing Services in Mauritius

Our personal statement writing service offers assistance with any type of personal statement that a university or job applicant in Mauritius may need. The writers we use are skilled professionals with extensive experience providing personal statement help including writing personal statements. Their experience and skills can be applied to writing your personal statement using the information you supply. The personal statement you receive will be original, well written and delivered on time, all of which is guaranteed for every personal statement we write. Other benefits of using our service include:

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