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Medical School Personal Statement

medical school personal statementApplying for medical school may sound easy at first especially if you have an impressive academic background but there is another key to getting accepted into the program and that is by writing personal statement for admission that reflects more about your skills and your experiences. Many assume that this part of their application won’t do much but surprisingly many schools are using personal statements to determine whether their applicants have what it takes to be included in their program. If you are having a hard time developing your medical school personal statement, you should come to us for assistance.

List of requirements to enter a medical school:

  • MCAT

An MCAT refers to the Medical College Admission Test and is one of the criteria for entry into medical school. The student must attain a particular score grade for consideration by the chosen medical school. MCAT must be not later than 3-4 years before the year of seeking admission.

  • Pre-medical science requirement

General chemistry 2 semesters with labs (8 credit hours)

Organic chemistry – 1 semester with lab (4 – 5 credit hours)

Biology – 8 semester hours (2 semesters with laboratory)

There is a further recommendation of 4 semester hours in Principles of Genetics for some institutions.

Biochemistry 2 semesters with labs (8 credit hours)

Physics  1 semester (3 to 4 credit hours)

  • A university degree from a standard institution.

A bachelor’s degree from any other discipline could be a pre-requisite for admission into medical school.

  • Foreign students

International students from the recognized institution shall be expected to take a one-year required coursework before commencing medical school fully. International students from recognized institutions must also submit a transcript from all institutions attended and courses taken.

  • Letter of recommendation

Two letter of recommendation from your institution committee is relevant to seeking admission into medical school. Or 2 letter of recommendation from the within your faculty and one from another department are acceptable for your entry. Ph.D. student would require two letters more from the institution where he or she has done any research work before.

  • Computer knowledge

Applying students should be able to display an excellent understanding of how to use a computer to aid admission considerations.

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