Personal Statement Accounting and Finance Guide

Accounting and finance is a field of study concerned with the reporting, analysis, and summary of financial transactions. People who study this course will carry out tasks that include preparation of financial statements. And, the recipients of such vital information will include business owners, the general public, stakeholders, banks, government agencies, and employees.

So, if you have decided to study accounting & finance, you need to know how to write a personal statement for accounting and finance. As you probably know, personal statement is one of the highly prioritized requirements for admission, which is why you should learn how to write a winning personal statement in order to increase your chances of getting into your dream institution to study your preferred course. And that’s where our personal statement writer service comes to rescue.

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Why Choose Accounting and Finance?

Whether you’re considering a first degree or a master degree in accounting and finance, here are some good reasons to make a firm decision to pursue the course:

How to Write Personal Statement Accounting and Finance – What the Admission Tutors Are Looking for?

Whether is it MSc accounting and financial personal statement or personal statement for university accounting & finance, you need to know what the admission tutors are looking for, so that you can increase your chance of getting in.

According to an interview granted to an admission tutor some time, a winning personal statement must feature the following:

  • Your Interest in the Course. You need to express your interest in the subject or course, especially for accounting and finance personal statement undergraduate. Convince the exam board beyond doubts that you are passionately driven to this niche of study. You should also demonstrate your awareness as well as some level of real-life experience in this field. This would be one of the most winning features in your personal statement, especially when it comes to a personal statement for a master of science in accounting and finance. In essence, you should convey enthusiasm about the course, and flaunt some experiences and knowledge that you have in this field of study attractively.
  • Relevant External Interests. Also, for your LSE accounting and finance personal statement, or even your accounting and finance personal statement postgraduate, you should include relevant extra-curricular activities. However, there’s a rule to making sure that this would make your personal statement more attractive. The rule is; in addition to ensuring that the activities are relevant, make sure they also flaunt the right personal achievements, skills, and characteristics. For instance, if you are good at playing baseball, express the skill in a way that will make it relevant to accounting and finance.
  • Business Awareness. Also, your personal statement accounting master should feature business awareness. Your awareness or experience in business will also make a good point in a personal statement for accounting job application. In essence, you should showcase your ability to analyze business issues quantitatively.

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And, in case you’re asking why accounting and finance personal statement is vital, the reason is obvious. The admission tutors and even employers want to see the potentials and skills you are bringing with you, to add value to the institution as well.

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