How to Write a 250 Words Personal Statement

250 words personal statement

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Why Might You Need Our Help Writing a 250 Words Personal Statement?

Having a well written and professionally presented personal statement is essential in getting you noticed from among the many other applications that a review board will have to read through. While you may have good qualifications and high grades on leaving school, all of the other applicants may be equally qualified so you will be judged against them by the use of your personal statement. This is your one chance to show just how suitable you are for the college by highlighting what makes you different and the benefits you offer their institution.

Unless applying through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Application System) the length of your personal statement will be set by the college you are applying to. Some ask for long 1500 words – others a simple personal statement in 300 words or so. UCAS word count is 4000 characters / 47 lines of text which equates to roughly 700 words. Getting the balance of information right is not easy, for instance a personal statement for scholarship 300 words long doesn’t give you much room to focus on skills etc. so you have to instead try and promote your commitment, desires and determination to succeed. This is why many people seek out professional help from personal statements writing services such as ours for their 350 words personal statement on interest in research amongst others in order to give themselves the best chance of getting noticed.

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What Should Be Included in a Short Words Limit Personal Statement?

Completing a personal statement in 300 words should clearly serve the purpose and be focused on convincing the review board that you have serious and well considered reasons in applying to them. A compelling 350 words personal statement on interest in research will convince them that you are the kind of person most likely to succeed at what is on offer so before you start writing, take some time and make notes on the reasons why you want to study at their particular institution.

personal statement for scholarship 300 words

By using our 250 words limit personal statement example to help you, think on the following pointers:

  • How did you become interested in your chosen career?
  • Be upfront in your intentions. What makes this particular program appealing to you and why you are a suitable candidate for it?
  • How much experience do you have already and what additional skills do you hope to obtain
  • State your aims; where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • 250 words doesn’t give you much room but try and include some interests and hobbies, especially if they coincide with your chosen career.

How to Write Your Personal Statement for Scholarship 300 Words or Less

Your writing style is also just as important to get the reader’s initial attention and to then keep it while they are checking through the personal statement, so it needs to be written in a style which flows smoothly:

  • Start off with a relevant short anecdote to get their attention from the beginning
  • Don’t use slang, acronyms or overly clever words. The reader should be able to understand it
  • Don’t use any obvious statements and refrain from repeating yourself
  • Be concise, you’re limited to 250 words
  • Only include positive information
  • Never use quotations or clichés
  • Be honest and always tell the truth
  • Ensure that it flows logically and reads like a story rather than just a list of facts about you
  • Proofread carefully and get someone else to check through also.

If you want to ensure that your 250 or 500 words personal statement is going to give you the best chance of success then you should use our highly specialized professional help. Our professional services will provide you with expert writing support to ensure that your statement will make you stand out from the other applicants in a positive way while ensuring that the word count is strictly adhered to.

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