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Best Computer Science Personal Statement Examples

  • Reflects your personality & motives;
  • Explains why you’re a good candidate;
  • Shows your academic & career goals;
  • Depicts your background, skills, achievements;
  • Describe your research interests.
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What Is Computer Science Personal Statement?

Computer science has emerged as a new field in the early ’90s. But now the scope and application of the field have expanded in all walks of life. Uses of computers and relevant technologies have increased the importance of this field. A lot of students wish to get a computer science degree to have a bright future. But getting admission is not easy, as competition is increasing day by day. To get admission in this field, you have to fulfill all the requirements, including the personal statement. A personal statement should not be more than two pages, which is written to express your passion. In computer programming personal statement, you will mention your abilities which makes you a perfect fit for computer field. In a statement, you mention your personality strengths, which can add value to the school you are applying to. You need to write a customized statement for every institution, for instance, the Massachusetts Institute of technology personal statement will be different from any other school you are applying to. Use this paper as an opportunity to express your enthusiasm and interest in this field. You can explain the reasons for your low grades or bad results of the admission test.  Don’t waste this chance. Writing a proper statement can secure your seat in your preferred college.

How to Use Our Best Computer Science Personal Statement Examples to Help Your Application?

The majority of the students are not sure about the content of this document, which others are confused about formatting and length. If you are facing these issues, you are not alone. The majority of the student have these problems and they have no idea about the solution to these problems. When you use our computer science personal statement examples before writing your document, you can find answers to all your questions. These examples are written by our experts, who have a strong academic background in this field and they are equipped with excellent writing skills. Moreover, they are well aware of the key points for which the admission committee is looking for. These examples are written according to the required format of the institutions.

Read these examples carefully and you will get an idea about the start your paper, what to include and what should be the desired length. You can also see the words Selection, the writing style and the tone, which is appropriate for such formal documents.  These examples can guide you about all the aspects of statement writing and you will find it comfortable to write yours.

How to Write a Personal Statement of Computer Science?

Writing a statement is a challenging task. If you want to get admission in the field of computers,  you have to give proper time to write a CS personal statement. You have to concentrate on answering a few basic questions. Why you selected computer science? What are the abilities and skills which make you an ideal applicant for the ad admission? Why you are interested in this specific school and what are your strengths, which can add value to this campus? These are the few basic questions for which the admission committee is looking for. Following a few tips can help you to write a winning statement.

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  • Strong introduction: The statement should have a very strong opening. You can use an incident as a hook to keep the reader engaged. Be original and tie the reader with your words till the end. If you will be able to hook the reader till the end, your chances to get admission will increase.
  • Give a logical reason for your selection: You have to explain the motivation and inspiration for selecting computer science as your profession. It can be a childhood memory or an interesting incident. Whatever you write in your statement, it should be logical and interesting. Things like “my childhood dream” does not work anymore.
  • Mention your experience: You can mention any courses related to computer sciences, you have already taken. Any kind of experience in the field, even an internship or workshop you have recently attended is worth mentioning.
  • Describe your future goals: Mention your long term and short terms goals and aims and how this degree can help you to achieve them. What is your vision and how it can affect the people around you and society at large?
  • State strengths you have: You have to mention the abilities and strengths of your personality. Don’t forget to mention your ability to work as a team member. Computer experts need to work in teams and to work in a team is very important to mention.

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How to Craft a Winning Oxford Personal Statement for Computer Science?

Oxford is a renowned university and they get thousands of applications against each seat they have. Computer science’s statement for oxford should be more than just perfect. Oxford university starts the degree with teaching fundamentals of computer and mathematics, so if you have not studied these subjects already, it is not a problem. However, if you cannot write a good University of Oxford personal statement, your chances to get admission are nearly zero.

To craft a winning oxford personal statement, you should read some samples and examples first. Get some idea that what are the basic points, which you are required to address. Then brainstorm your strengths and qualities and outline. You can arrange your points logically to craft your story. Give a very interesting start to your paper and connect all the points. Don’t over exaggerate and your tone should be very positive. Avoid the use of clinches and common catchphrases. End your statement with the reinforcement of your strengths and your passion for computer science. A powerful start and strong end is the key to success. Review and edit your statement many times to make it error-free. It should not have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. This paper is the tool to judge your capabilities and it has to be perfect. Content, formatting and facts you are mentioning, everything should be precise and accurate. A single mistake can ruin the impression and you may lose your seat. You need to work really hard for this admission.

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What Are Cambridge Personal Statement for Computer Science Writing Requirements?

Cambridge University asks for some written tests for the admission in the computer science department. Computer Science admission test and interview are compulsory for admission. Before that, you have to complete the application form and other admission requirements. The personal statement is the most important requirement for admission.

For admission in Cambridge, your computer science essay topics should be unique, and you need to write them in an unusual way. You need to talk about your inspirations, enthusiasm for this field of science and how important it is for achieving your life goals. No need to mention the details about your academic certificates, because your CV is the right document for them, however if you have any distinctions, you can mention them.

Best Tips on What to Include in Your Computer Science Personal Statement

You have to craft the content of your statement carefully. It should be very precise but make sure all the important points are included. Here are a few tips, which can help you to develop your statement like a professional writer.

  • If you have studied a subject linked to computer science like mathematics and any basic computer course, you need to highlight that.
  • If you are mentioning any specific feature of a particular college, write a customized statement for every school you are applying to. If you want to use the same paper with all applications, stress on your passion and selection of subjects related to computer science.
  • For postgraduate and higher levels, mention the subjects and projects you studied during the graduate program. What you have learned from your previous degree and the subfield you are interested in, will make your essay more interesting.
  • Express your interest and understanding of the subject. A reader likes to read some relevant information about computer science.
  • Mentioning your personal and professional goals is also important. Keep your aims very clear and be ambitious about them.
  • Academic details should not be mentioned here, but if you have any distinction or any unusual achievement, you can include that in this statement.

What to Avoid Writing about Your Personal Statement Computer Science

The admission committee read a large number of computer science personal statements every day and they are not impressed with the regular stuff. You need to avoid certain things if you want to stand out from the crowd. An average statement with common points and regular writing style will take you to nowhere. The following are a few points, which you must avoid when you write your statement for the admission in computer science.

  • Students write professional statements like any other official document. What they forget is, its statement and they need to be specific and slightly personal. Avoid writing a common paper, find some different ideas and write in a unique style.
  • Avoid the use of commonly used clinches. You need to find some solid reasons for selecting computer science as your career and how it can change your life.
  • Personal statement computer science should not contain any material, which is available online. It should be your original work. Copying from any source should be avoided.
  • Don’t give any unnecessary details about your family or hobbies which are not relevant. Be specific and keep yourself focused.

Frequently Asked Questions

What computer science tutors are always looking for?

The computer science tutors are looking for

  • Your knowledge about mathematics
  • Ability to take things logically
  • Your previous knowledge about the subject
  • Enthusiasm about computers
  • You should sound original
  • Your understanding of this particular degree program

How to write about computer science in your statement?

You need to own the subject. Mention your passion and those motivational factors which pushed you to select this subject. Describe the courses which you have studied in previous degree and what you have learned about computers. Don’t forget to mention any subfield, which interests you the most. What are your thoughts about the computer, the information you already have and how this degree complies with your future goals and aim? It is not important to know everything about computers; the important thing is to write the evidences in a convincing style.

How do you begin a computer science personal statement?

You need to have an interesting start but don’t stretch it over the limits. The focus should be to write an engaging opening. The use of regular clinches will be of no use. Following are a few tips regarding how to start this paper, you may find them helpful.

  • Don’t write an opening with clinch words,
  • You can start by addressing those motivation factors, which act as motivation force for the selection of this field.
  • You need to be specific, don’t write a long introduction, rather get to the point quickly.
  • Write short sentences, showing your interest in computer field.
  • Share your excitement about studying in that particular school.
  • Go with the natural flow of your writing.
  • Provide relevant and specific information, only.

Consult our computer science personal statement examples and enhance your chances to get admission. See them now!

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