How to Write a Personal Statement UCAS International Student

ucas personal statement examples international student

When it comes to studying in the UK there’s no easier way than doing it through a UCAS admission. However, this wonderful program demands every applicant to send a personal statement UCAS international student. This personal statement, as well as dental school personal statement, will tell the admission committee all important details about every applicant who wants to assists to this program and eventually get an opportunity to be part of the UK academic system as a student. However, the UCAS international students tend to get much better opportunities due to the great database and help this program offers to every student. That’s why it is totally important to know about some UCAS personal statement examples international student so you can know the format, structure and how exactly you need to write it in order to achieve an admission and get into your dream study abroad programs in London.

Even so, getting admission to UK universities is not as easy as just getting into a UCAS, but thanks to this wonderful program, the opportunities will be far better than doing it without UCAS. Take a look further into this article and find out more about the UCAS for international students program and the different benefits of studying in the UK, plus a little guide on how to write a successful personal statement UCAS.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

The education in the UK has one of the most impressive reputations around the world, without even mentioning the amount of prestige these universities excel at. Even so, these universities offer the best programs in the world to study like the UCAS.

  • Foreign students studying in the UK will totally benefit from the multicultural environment this wonderful place offers. Even so, those students who don’t know the language, many of the universities offer students programs like the UCAS for international students which help at guiding and making it easier for those students striving to study in a different language and culture.
  • The UK has a long story when it comes to accepting foreigners to study in their universities. Right now there are at least 104,000 international students with a full-time undergraduate’s career in the process.
  • Also, you can benefit from the high standards of education the universities from the UK offer. These standards are high due to the Quality assurance Agency for Higher Education that offers quality studies for teaching, research, and learning that is set by the government. You can learn more about the Quality Code here.
  • On the other hand, PhD and Master’s courses in the UK tend to be a lot shorter than in other universities, helping at reducing costs and offering faster approaches to the working life.
  • Even so, if you get admission to UK universities, there’s a high chance that you will also be able to work part-time as an international student.
  • But if you are a student with a high-grade history in your native country but your financial situation doesn’t help too much or you have a medical problem, there is a possibility of getting financed by sending an application explaining your situation.

If you want to know more about the benefits of studying in the UK, we recommend taking a look at the different reports and analysis made by the UCAS which is an organization who helped more than 110,000 students from outside the United Kingdom to apply to different universities in Britain.
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Best Universities in the UK

The process of admission to UK universities is one of the hardest and biggest in the world, that’s why it is totally important to apply for the right university, taking into account the best courses and most prestigious colleges in Britain.

Among the best universities in the UK, you can find:

University of Cambridge

This university holds one of the most prestigious alumni and programs in the world. With graduates from this university who have won the Nobel laureates for different subjects and fields, plus many of the best and most successful people in the world of arts, politics, economics and so on.

However, when it comes to foreign students, it is also known that this university offers great opportunities for those who comply with the requirements and the necessary grades in order to get in and be admitted.

Also, the university accommodations are truly phenomenal, with museums, more than 100 libraries and the best student’s dorms in the world, all in a perfect state in order to offer the best academic environment possible.

University of Oxford

This university is known for being the oldest university in the UK, and maybe the most prestigious in the world. Offering hundreds of courses in different fields, plus an infrastructure that dates from far back to the 12th century, this university holds more than 18.000 students per year, being one of the best for international students.

Being just one of the biggest in the world, many foreign students tend to send their application in order to look for an opportunity to get selected amount the huge amount of students that are lucky to be part of this institution, but the opportunities are always little.

Imperial College London

The Imperial College London is a university that is mostly based in medicine, engineering, business, and science. This university always makes a spot among the best universities in the world; even so, it is one of the most prestigious in the world, with graduates who have achieved Nobel laureates, field medals, and fellows of the royal society.

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Graduating from Imperial College London means having a far better salary than graduates from other universities, even though getting the opportunity to study in this university is not easy at all. With less than 15.000 students per year and more than 30.000 applications, this university offers wonderful programs and courses for foreign students.

If you want a clearer and detailed list of the best universities in the UK, we recommend visiting this ranking made by The Guardian in 2016.

UCAS & International Students

If you want to know which the best way to apply for a UK university is, there’s no better way than applying for UCAS first. The UCAS international students program is one of the best in the world that offers students from every continent to be able to apply to any university in the UK in search of a great academic opportunity.

The word UCAS is the diminutive of University and Colleges Admissions Services, working as a charitable organization which helps many students in the world and from within the UK to send their application in the best way possible, avoiding being rejected and with the best approval rate available.

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When it comes to UCAS for international students, this program offers the possibility of having a guide and help from the best advisors that will teach foreign students the best way to make their application and all the information they need about the many courses, careers, and universities that offer different programs across the UK.

In the UCAS, there is a norm to applying for universities like Cambridge and Oxford, plus a rule no applies for all other universities and a different one for those students in search of art and designs courses and careers. For those looking to send an application to Cambridge and Oxford, it is important that it is done by October, on the other hand, those who want to go to any other university will have to do it in February, while those looking for design and art careers will have to apply in March.

The first step to getting into a UK university is by sending an application to UCAS. However, this demands of a successful personal statement UCAS international student if the applicant wants to be selected among the luckiest candidates.

Although UCAS international students program offers much information about the different opportunities to study in the UK, it is still important for foreign students to make their own research about the different colleges and institutions that offer the best opportunities in the UK.

This will help at getting the best UCAS personal statement examples international student that will help later at being admitted into the best universities in the world.

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Requirements for International Students to Study in the UK

When it comes to studying in the UK, there are certain rules and requirements that must be followed in order to get an opportunity into the most prestigious universities that offer the highest excellence in education in the world.

The most common requirements in universities from the UK are these:

  • Verified TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency tests that comply with the university standard.
  • A valid and standing passport and Student VISA, even though the VISA can be asked for later after being admitted.
  • The necessary qualifications from UK universities tend to be really high – as these universities are often very demanding.
  • A common requirement is a personal statement. Depending on the university the personal statement will have to be different, however, you can take a look at these UCAS personal statement examples international student guides to get an idea.
  • Suitability for the desired career is also very important when it comes to applying to a UK university. This can be added in the personal statement as skills, interests, and experience in the field.
  • Admission tests and interviews are also very common when it comes to being admitted into a UK university.
  • There is also the possibility of having to present a Health, Financial or even a DBS check when applying for any UK university.

Although these requirements are pretty much the standard when it comes to universities in the UK, you can get much more help if you choose UCAS to help you in your search for one great university to study at and even help at sending a successful application.

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Tips to Send a Successful Personal Statement UCAS International Student

If you want to be accepted into the UCAS program and get help from the most experienced advisors in the field, we recommend following these following tips to write a successful and almost perfect personal statement:

  • Make clear observations about your ambitions and interests in the field of study you want to apply
  • Indicate your suitability for the careers you’re interested at and make a little list of your skills and achievements
  • State any extracurricular activities or experience related to your desired field of studies like previous employment, clubs or societies you belong to, previous courses, personal skills and free online courses with prestige and reputation
  • International students will also make a little affirmation about why they want to study in the UK instead of their native country
  • Validation of their proficiency in the English language with a great structure and writing skills in the personal statement
  • Write in an enthusiastic, direct, concise and personal style, making it more appealable and immersive for the admission committee
  • Make personal and professional statements without going too much into details or explaining things that are not important at all
  • Proofread your personal statement with help of tutors, advisers or family members who can help you with the task

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Will You Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out?

If you follow our instructions and recommendations to the letter, there’s little chance that your personal statement will get rejected. However, it all depends on your level of English and your writing skills.

That’s why we offer the best UCAS personal statement examples international student and residency personal statement editing service if you want to know how to exactly write a successful personal statement for UCAS.

Don’t hesitate in contacting us if you need help at writing a proper UCAS personal statement international student today!