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What Is a Personal Statement Occupational Therapy and Why It Matters

It is worth starting with the fact that only some medical professions require so much knowledge of other fields, such as occupational therapy, to succeed. Occupational therapy is just such a specialty. To become an expert in this field, you must understand physiotherapy, nursing, neurology, psychology, social work skills, and more. However, this profession is noble and beneficial; you should not fear its challenges. A mandatory step in your learning journey will be to write a personal statement occupational therapy.

This important document allows you to present yourself to the admissions committee. In it, you should explain why you want to become an occupational therapist and what skills and experience you have to achieve this. The OT personal statement should also show your motivation and prove that you understand the challenges and specifics of being an occupational therapist.

Important Things to Include in OT Personal Statement

The average length of an occupational therapy personal statement is between 500 and 800 words. This is about 1-2 pages, where you must include as much important information about yourself as possible. Therefore, you have to be clear and concise. To make the task easier, consider including these things in your personal statement.

Personal motivation: In your occupational therapy personal statement, explain how your life led you to become an occupational therapist. Maybe a volunteering experience influenced you, or there was some situation in life, etc. There’s no need to exaggerate. Just show them you understand what you want and how it will help you in your studies and work.

Required Experience: Explain how occupational therapy is bound to your life. Perhaps you were a physician’s assistant or cared for a sick relative, or occupational therapy was your science project’s topic in school.

Additional knowledge: It will be an advantage if you have taken anatomy, psychology, or physiology courses. Be sure to mention this in your application.

Future Goals: Before starting the occupational therapy personal statement, define your goals. It is essential to specify how you see yourself in the future. Do you want to help older people, help with trauma recovery, or, for example, work with children with autism?

Dos and Don’ts of an OT School Personal Statement

There are a few key recommendations of do’s and don’ts when writing admission documents, especially a personal statement.


  • Personalize and tailor your doc: Admissions committees value honesty. Write sincerely and adapt it to your personality.
  • Show interest: Clearly state your passion for occupational therapy and your chosen program in particular. Mention your compliance with their values or tell readers about your desire to learn from some professors, etc.
  • Be professional: Show you know about the challenges and calls you can face on the way to your career in occupational therapy.
  • Be specific: In your occupational therapy personal statement, state clearly what you want to achieve and how the study will help you with that.


  • Don’t exaggerate achievements: Your OT school personal statement should reflect your actual accomplishments. You should not call yourself an expert and claim that you have learned the ins and outs of the profession by taking one course for a couple of weeks.
  • Avoid clichés: Don’t say you are for all good vs. all bad, and don’t use generic phrases like “medicine is important” and “I’ve always wanted to help people.” It would be much better if you could talk about the experience that led you to this profession and realistic plans for the future.
  • Don’t write about negativity: Focus your personal statement on the positive. Even if you have had a bad experience, describe it as a lesson, not a failure.
  • Don’t copy templates: If you use ready-made samples to write an occupational therapy personal statement, do not copy them completely. Use the examples’ ideas for inspiration and create your unique work.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Occupational Therapy School

Writing any personal statement becomes easier if you start with a clear structure. Decide what you want to tell and break the statement into 3 main points.

1. Introduction

Start by introducing yourself. Tell where you are from and why you decided to become an occupational therapist. Remember that this is one of the main parts of your occupational therapy personal statement, and you need to catch the attention. The best way to do this is to tell a personal story of facing the profession or about someone who has inspired you.

2. Main part

When the question of how to write a personal statement for occupational therapy school arises, everyone thinks about this paragraph, and for good reason. This is the central part of your document. Here, you briefly but clearly, using examples from your life, should tell about all your achievements, motivations, and plans in the profession. Do it so that all your thoughts are logical and occur one from the other.

3. Conclusion

The occupational therapy personal statement conclusion should summarize your arguments from the main part and the introduction. The committee should not doubt that your candidacy is the best for the position.

occupational therapy personal statement examples occupational therapy personal statements examples

Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for Occupational Therapy

  • Use the active voice: This makes your sentences more confident and convincing. For example, instead of “the occupational therapy traineeship was completed,” write “I completed the occupational therapy traineeship.”
  • Show, not tell: Use more real-life examples instead of hollow statements about how much you love medicine.
  • Be positive: Write positively. Such text looks more winning.
  • Edit the text: Review your personal statement for occupational therapy repeatedly, and ask your friends or, even better, professional editors to check your work.
  • Address red flag: Don’t hide or lie about some unpleasant things about you, such as absenteeism or poor grades in some subjects. Instead, talk about them honestly and show how these experiences have helped you to become a better person.

Occupational Therapy Personal Statement Help From Professional Service

Drafting a personal statement with knowledge about what should and should not be included will be much easier. However, as always, there is the problem of needing more time, which many students often don’t have. So, getting occupational therapy personal statement help can be a very beneficial solution in such a case. The service experts know well what a winning doc should look like. They also know all the requirements and things that boost your application. Working with such professionals, you will also eliminate stress and fear of failure while receiving a perfect personal statement highlighting your best qualities.