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For anybody wanting to pursue an academic education beyond high school, there is a good chance that at some point they will be personal statement writing. Application essays provide school admissions with insight into an applicant’s character not reflected by transcripts or test scores. Two types of personal statements that have gained support as a means of goal setting are the personal mission statement and the personal vision statement. There is some confusion about the difference between the two. The following should provide some clarification.

Writing a personal vision statement is set to words your basic purpose in life. It incorporates your core values and beliefs and serves to help keep long-term life goals in sight. Writing a personal mission statement follows from your vision statement. It is the process you will use to accomplish your vision statement. Mission statements don’t encompass the “big picture”. They cover a limited span of time in one area and have specific short-term goals. Both of the above serve more as personal goal setters than as requirements, although many schools look favorably on their use.

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Writing a Personal Statement for Graduate School in Canada

The application essay for graduate school is a requirement for most graduate programs. Graduate school application essay has a more specific focus than those for undergraduate programs or than personal statements for undergraduates. Keep in mind that without good preparation and a good sample personal statement for graduate school you simply will not stand a chance of getting through to the next stage. Creating an important document for law school, for an MBA program or for medical school are some examples of graduate school personal statements.

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Unless prompted otherwise they should all answer more or less the same questions. Those questions are:
  • Why do you want to study this? Similar to the question your undergraduate personal statement addressed. However, having completed undergraduate school you are expected to be more specific and detailed in your U of T personal statement.
  • Why did you choose this particular schools program? What specifically is it about this program that attracted you?
  • How will be accepted into the program specifically affect your career goals?

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