How to Get the Best Results out of Your NUS Personal Statement

The National University of Singapore is one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in Asia and the world. Being the oldest from Singapore and the one with the best educational system, the admission system is one of the hardest. Therefore, a perfect NUS personal statement or personal statement UCAS application is one of the main requirements in order to get an opportunity to apply for NUS University just like admission to UK universities.

A National University of Singapore personal statement is totally necessary if you want to be eligible to form part of the great and wonderful education system of Singapore. This system offers the best approaches for education and research in Asia and has achieved wonderful results in the many important rankings of the world.

More than 36.000 students from 100 different countries across the world attend yearly to this university, making it one of the most multicultural admission systems in the world, offering over 100 courses and careers in more than 30 different fields of study, from undergraduate to graduates studies.

So, if you want to form part of this wonderful educational system, you will have to write a wonderful NUS personal statement, so we’ve decided to make a list of the most important and necessary requirements plus some recommendations to achieve the best results from your NUS admission essay sample.

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Why Is Singapore a Top Education Country

Boasting one of the biggest universities in Asia, Singapore thrives to be one of the countries in the world that achieve a broadening experience for students across the world to improve their skills in different fields and accomplished the best results in education, service, and research.

On the other hand, the education in Singapore has been ranked among the best in the world, thanks to the many benefits different universities in the country offer to the different studies from many nations across the world.

Thanks to this system, many universities like NUS, offers the best programs, careers, and courses with the many NUS international student opportunities. This has made of Singapore a top-notch quality education example in the world. Take a look at the next website from the Ministry of Education of Singapore which explains why the educational system in Singapore is top among the best in Asia.

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What Makes NUS a Wonderful Option to Study Overseas?

Being one of the most active universities in Asia when it comes to research and universities with the most prestigious educational systems, NUS is a wonderful opportunity for students from all across the world to have a great opportunity to improve their skills and academic status.
Benefits from studying in NUS are these:

  • The National University of Singapore is located in the City of Singapore, which is known for being one of the greatest cities in the world in many ways. International students who aspire and long for being able to study overseas in this wonderful city will have the best experience of their lives.

Take a look at this article from CNN that points out the best features of Singapore.

  • Applying to NUS is also possible via scholarships and loans. Being an undergraduate, graduate or just any other career or course, you will be able to get the many different scholarship programs available in Singapore. These are:
    • ANZ Singapore-New Zealand Scholarship Programme
    • Research Scholarship for Italian Citizens
    • DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Awards
    • NUS-UBC Foundation Student Exchange Award
    • TF-NUS Learn Program & Award
  • Singapore also boasts one of the best education systems in the world. As we’ve pointed it out before, NUS university can be named among the best-ranked universities in the world, due to the great achievements this country has accomplished in the many fields of research and technology innovations.
  • A highly-overdeveloped country who has made his way in the world among the most innovative social and technological advancements in the world, with many of the best infrastructure and cultural achievements from this XXI century.
  • Life in Singapore if way is better than any other. Even so, you can be totally assured that you will be even able to study for a double degree. This happens because in Singapore Safety matters the most, where all laws are made to be followed correctly, making it one of the countries with the lowest crime rates in Asia. Plus boasting the best transportation systems in the world.
  • The multicultural opportunities are powerful. Thanks to the huge diversity of this country, international students can be more than happy of being part of this wonderful educational system that will welcome them with the best environments and will eventually offer them a different perspective of culture and life.
  • Social life and Entertainment are also a big part of Singapore, so you should be totally confident about studying in the NUS will offer one of the best experiences in your life. From shops to restaurants and wonderful clubs to even the greatest museums and natural recreations, Singapore will offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students from all over the world.
  • Even though life costs a lot in Singapore, every student of NUS can be totally assured that every penny he spends in services and amenities will be totally worth it, as this city offers the best public services in the world, plus a wonderful quality of life that only Singapore can offer.
  • English is the second language. However, international students from different countries will have the opportunity to talk English as this country’s second language is the Anglo-Saxon one. Even so, the official educational language of Singapore is English, making it a wonderful opportunity for those coming from English-speaking countries.
  • The quality of education is later seen in the amount of renown a degree from NUS has. Studying in NUS international students will have the opportunity to enjoy from a highly renowned diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.
  • Thanks to the many achievements NUS has made in its educational system, having the name of this university on a curriculum can immensely increase the chances of getting employed by any company in the world.
  • Along with Nanyang University, NUS is one of the greatest universities in the world and Asia. Even so, you can take a look at this ranking from Q’s World University Ranking, boasting NUS as the 12th best university in the world.

NUS International Students Entry Requirements

Even though one of the most important requirements to be accepted at NUS, is a wonderful NUS personal statement, there are many other requirements that are almost obligatory to comply with in order to get admitted as an international student in the National University of Singapore, one of the greatest in the world.

Entry requirements to apply to NUS:

  • It is totally important that the students can validate their proficiency in English with an IELTS or TOEFL test. Even though there’s a standard in the test in order to acknowledge it as passed, NUS can be a little more demanding, asking for better grades.
  • Having to attend and passing some interviews and many important qualitative tests according to the desired field of study is also one of the possible requirements depending on the exact university and college of preference
  • It is important to have clear health, financial, judicial and academic file, with no irregularities and problems in your native country.
  • Even though NUS university offers great scholarships and loans for international students, there’s a high chance of being rejected for not complying with the minimum financial background required.
  • There’s a high chance of being able to work part-time in Singapore as a student. However, this will need of the student to have a correct student VISA and a passport with no regularities in order to get more confidence from native employers.
  • Among the different required documents there are:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Valid Passport
    • Immigration Exemption
    • Student’s pass or VISA
    • Work Pass
  • These documents need to be submitted as a digital copy of the closing period of registration.
  • All documents should be totally legible. If the original documents are not in English, these will need to be translated in an accurate way along with the original photocopies.
  • All these documents will need to be processed so it is very likely that the student won’t ever get them returned. Even so, applications that don’t comply with these requirements will be rejected.
  • Writing a National University of Singapore personal statement is also one of the most common entry requirements. This NUS personal statement example is one of the most important details to take into account when applying to NUS.

If you want to know more about the entry requirements that are obligatory to comply with in order to send an application to NUS – you can take a look at the following website with the graduate admissions requirements for NUS.
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How to Write an NUS Personal Statement to Get the Best Results

If you want an opportunity to be able to study overseas in Singapore, you will have to write a professional NUS personal statement that makes the admission committee confident on their decision, but to do this you will have to take a look at our NUS admission essay sample and tips on how to write a perfect personal statement.

This is what you have to include in your National University of Singapore personal statement:

  • The first step to writing a perfect NUS personal statement example is to point out all previous experience in the field of the desired career. Even so, all previous achievements in this field plus any important acquired knowledge during the practice of the desired career will be noted.
  • All relevant experience related to the desired field of study. This experience can be courses taken, any previous work, achievements as a student and any competition or challenge that has been accomplished related to the field.
  • Any current interest related to the field is also important. Depending on the desired career, the student can also have any other important thought in mind that will make the difference when it comes to studying.
  • Career goals and long-term achievements are also important when it comes to write and define Belgium personal statement. This part will tell the admission committee how important it is for the student to achieve a great diploma from of the best universities in the world. Even so, pointing out why NUS is such a wonderful university and why the student decided to apply there is a great way to end or to start the statement.

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NUS International Students Opportunity

As you’ve already taken a look at this article, we are totally assured that you may already know why is NUS such a wonderful opportunity for international students who want to study overseas. Even so, we have even talked about the requirements and most important recommendations on writing a NUS personal statement in order to get admitted.

Contact us and we will more than happy to help you at writing a perfect NUS personal statement!