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As the name shows character letter is the statement about character. Our site provides you services in character letter writing, personal character letter or writing a character reference. You can also find the sample of a personal statement to see the quality of our personal statement writing service.character letter writing service

Need of Character Reference Letter

If we define character reference, it’s a recommendation letter written by a person, who is your family, friend or neighbor, but not your workplace mate. This letter is also called as personal reference. Instead of speaking about your work skills and experience, character reference attests to your abilities and character. Followings are the reasons for which we required character references.

For Court For Immigration
For Job Application To Get a House on Rent
For Admission To Buy Some Property
For a Vendor or Business Acquaintance For Being an Academic Advisor
For Being a Coach For Volunteer Work

Ways of Writing Reference Letter

There are different ways of writing the character letters and it depends on the purpose for which you need a reference letter.

  • For court: Character reference letter for the court is required only in some special cases but not in all cases. It indicates about the personality so the judge will read it once before making any decision. For the local court it should be addressed to “The presiding Magistrate” and for supreme court is should be addressed to “The presiding judge”
  • For job application: For the application of job the letter should be in such a way that it also indicates the abilities or the skills of the person that will helpful in his profession.
  • For immigration: For immigration reference letter is required almost for every country. It should indicate that person who is applying for the immigration is the respectable citizen and he is not involved in any crime or his past has no criminal record.
  • For admission: For admission in colleges and universities character reference letter is needed and it is given by the administration of the school from which student has completed his previous education.
  • To get a house on rent: Sometimes if you want a house on rent you required\ a reference and it is usually given by any of your relative or neighbor who will tell about your character.
  • To buy some property: In case you want to buy some property, you may be asked for the reference then you have to provide it that should be written by any of your neighbors or any known personality of your area who can tell about you.
  • For a vendor or business acquaintance: Some businessman or companies want reference letter for the vendor or for the business acquaintance that is written by the person who is already your client.
  • For being an academic advisor: People want a reference letter for the academic advisor as they think that it is necessary for the security of their kids. This type of letter is written by your school or college in which you are teaching.
  • For being a coach: If you have to write a letter for the coach then it is also provided by the persons you are already coaching. It will state about your personality and some of your professional skills.
  • For volunteer work: If you want to be a volunteer you may need a reference letter that will show you that you are eligible, and you will be supportive throughout the whole process.

Who Can Provide You With Letter of Character Writing Help?

A character reference letter can be provided by your family, friends, teachers, clients or neighbors. But it is better to take the help of the professional writers. Professional writers can help you as they know what should write and how should write. You just have to tell about your situation i.e. for which you need the letter and your information then they will write it for you. They know how to highlight your skills for the specific field.

character letter for court sample

How to Plan Your Personal Character Letter?

If you are planning for the character reference letter, then our service is the best option for you. You can see different character reference letter format as well you can see different character letter samples. You can use the samples and get help from it. They show that how to write in a specific situation. You should consider the method, phrase all the questions carefully and you have to give the exact information

What to Include in the Character Letter?
  • The reasons for writing: The letter should start with a sentence that explains the reason of the letter writing.
  • How person knows you: You have to write how you know the person about which you are writing the letter and you also have to mention that how long it been that you know him.
  • Information about personality: You have to give the detail information about the abilities and the personality of the person about whom you are writing. It should be such that you should mention the details that are required for the position.
  • Contact information: At the end, you have to give the contact information like phone number or email id. So, if the reader has some question to ask he can contact you.

Important Tips on Writing a Character Reference

Followings are some important and useful tips for the writing of the letter:

  • Select a reference who is up-to-date: You should ask for the letter from whom you have interacted recently as he will give a more meaningful letter.
  • Select the people who know you well: This will assure you that the letter is positive and meaningful
  • Be positive: You should be particular, objective and be positive in your writing.
  • Choose a diverse group: If you have to give more than one reference than you should be diverse.
  • Be specific: You should be specific during your writing. You shouldn’t tell about the professional life.

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