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Is your teaching personal statement not as impressive as you want it to be? This can be a problem especially if you want to get the attention of the admissions officer for you to be chosen for the teaching program. Writing a strong personal statement may sound easy at first but if you will be working only with a limited number of words it might be hard to promote yourself. Fortunately, there is a way to get around this and that is by hiring an expert writing service such as ours to help you out.

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How do you make a personal statement for teaching jobs or for application?

  • State your purpose as to why you are applying. Be honest and sincere in your application.
  • You don’t have to be perfect. In as much as you highlight your strengths, you don’t have to hide your weaknesses.
  • It helps that you know that is expected from the program or for the position you are applying for. In that way, you know how to write your personal statement in such a way that it fits the requirements.
  • Make sure that you proofread and edit your work.
  • Look at graduate school personal statement examples for teaching so you know the right format and what details to include.

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5 Teaching Personal Statement Mistakes to Avoid

  • No need to include experience or skills that are not directly or remotely related to teaching in your teaching personal statement.
  • A boring letter that does not show passion for teaching can only lead to rejection of your application.
  • In your essay, stating the work experience, years, where you worked, responsibilities and academic qualification is not relevant to your personal statement because there is a different document to cover that.
  • Writing a lengthy article on the importance of the teaching profession or trying to be philosophical is not what is you should include in a personal statement but how much value you can bring to the teaching profession.
  • Using high-sounding words and presenting your personal statement in a less proactive nature and not adequately structured does not convey the feeling of a good teacher.

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Here are the top 4 teaching programs:

  1. Princeton University – Located in Princeton, New Jersey, the university is voted as one of the best universities that offer undergraduate and graduate teaching programs.
  2. Dartmouth College – They offer teaching programs and use quarters instead of semesters.
  3. Brown University – The university offers programs that allow students to design their own academic study.
  4. Rice University – Located in Houston, Texas, the university offers teaching programs and makes use of a semester-based calendar.

Need Help with Your Teaching Personal Statement?

When it comes to a personal statement for teaching you need to focus on why you are the best candidate for the course. You should also share why you want to enroll in the teaching course by telling about your past experiences that are related to your desire to become a teacher. If you can’t find the words to promote yourself through your personal statement, you should hire us because we are confident that we will be able to build the best personal statement for you in no time.

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Impress Your Reader with Your Personal Statement Teaching

Some students may think that doing their personal statement is easy. Yes, it may not be as long as research papers and other kinds of academic papers that you have to work on once you are admitted in the program. But keep in mind that it is very crucial for you to have a solid personal statement that will capture the interest of the selection committee.

Our writing service can handle all kinds of a personal statement such as radiography personal statement without breaking a sweat. We are confident because our writers are all professional when it comes to writing statements that it won’t be impossible for us to deliver a well-written piece that will highlight your best attributes. We know that competition will be tough when it comes to teaching which is why we will make sure that your paper is fully customized to suit your needs. Once you place an order with us you can expect nothing but the best outcome.

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