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Writing a Personal Statement for Law School

When you apply to any law school to get admission, they ask you to fulfill their requirements. You have to submit certain documents, like your educational certificates, CV and personal essay. Different schools ask for a 500 – 700 words statement and give a chance to the applicant to express their traits. A personal essay is a very important document. Your academic achievements are mentioned in your CV, but this document gives you a chance to explain your personality. You can tell the admission committee about your passion for being a lawyer. You can explain the motivational factor, which forces you to choose law as a career.

This statement is the platform to convince the admission committee that you are the right person to be selected and you deserve the seat. You can explain your future goals and how getting this degree can help you to achieve your dreams. If you get admission, what good you can bring to this particular school and how this law school can help you to achieve your dreams. Many people have no idea about how to write a personal statement and how to write a law school addendum, all you need is to give it proper time and if you feel any problem, you can also get professional help. Writing and editing experts can help to write your documents, they can work according to your given details and within your given deadlines.

Why Are Law School Personal Statement So Important?

The majority of the students underestimate the value of a statement. They don’t understand that this particular document can play a key role in securing admission in their preferred law school. There are many factors, which make this statement so important. Firstly, it is used as a tool to evaluate the personality of the applicant. It expresses your passion for law, your confidence, and your big dreams. The admission committee is very keen to know what you know about yourself and how you express that. They want to know, why they should make you a part of their institution. If you can write a good statement, you can get admission, even with average academic grades. Secondly, it reflects your writing abilities. How well you can write and how strong is your command on the language, it is very crucial. Moreover, it gives you a chance to explain, if there are any red flags on your CV. You can tell them the reasons for your semester break, during your previous degree. You can state your achievements and accomplishments as a person and as a student. Personal statements law school can change the course of your life if you write them properly. Moreover, you need to write a unique statement for every school. Writing customized account for every school can enhance your chances to get admission. Mention the key features of the schools, which attracted you to become part of that institution. Your little effort can make a big difference.

What Does A Law School Personal Statement Do?

When you write a Harvard law school personal statement or statement for any other law school, you should be very clear about the reason. You are writing this document because you want to get admission. The role of this paper is to show your individuality. A good statement keeps the readers engaged till end and convince him that you are the right person. It reflects your writing abilities, how cleverly you can comprehend information in fewer words. It shows the importance of that particular school in your career and what is the key feature of their institution, which forced you to apply. A well-written statement can do the magic. There are examples of the students, who got admissions in top law schools, in spite of their low grades.  A personal essay can make all the difference. Unfortunately, a lot of students do not give this document due to importance and lose their chance to become a lawyer. This is not just a paper but an opportunity for those students, who are not high achievers in academics. If they use it wisely, it can take them to the top of the merit list.

Professional Law School Personal Statement Help with Application Writing

The statement can play a decisive role in your admission. You can write it yourself. A lot of help is available online and you can get a law school personal statement sample as well. However, getting professional help is always useful. Professional writers know the exact requirements of law schools. They know the details like format, content and word selection. Professional writers can save a lot of your time too. They can write your statement when time is short.

Right Law School Personal Statement Format

Usually, law schools give no details about the format. Word count is mentioned, which is different for different schools, but you have to follow a general format, for all the law schools. The document is written like an essay without any title, headings or subheadings. It is divided into three or four paragraphs. The first paragraph is about the introduction. The body of the statement comes in the second paragraph or you can split it into two paragraphs and the conclusion comes in the end. Personal statement law school example can help to understand more about formatting details.

Times New Roman or Ariel font style is used to writing such official documents, with 12 pts. The margins of the page should be one inch, on all four sides. Usually, double space is preferred, and paragraphs are intended. Justify your text or keep it align left. Avoid the use of any fancy font styles and font colors. It’s a professional document and should look the same. Once you are done writing your essay, edit and review it many times and make sure there are no mistakes and errors. If possible, show it to an expert or a teacher, who can help to point out your mistakes. The correct format is important, but an error-free statement is more important.

law school personal statement examples harvard  personal statement for law school example  

How to Conclude A Personal Statement

Writing a personal essay requires your time and attention. The whole document is important but a personal statement conclusion is particularly vital. The last few sentences leave a long-lasting impression, so the conclusion should be very strong and impressive. You can mention your personal and professional goals at the end of your statement and reinforce your passion for the law as your career. A convincing conclusion can help to get your target. However, the concluding paragraph should not be very long. You have to keep in mind that you have a word limit. Select your words carefully and make sure the message is effectively conveyed. Personal statement examples law school can help you to get an idea about the conclusion. But make sure you use them just to get information, don’t try to copy anything from those samples or examples, which are available online.

Avoid the use of typical concluding catchphrases. Admission committee members are not only familiar but fed up with them. Uniquely conclude your statement and leave an everlasting impression on the mind of the reader.

What Personal Strengths Do I Have to Mention in My Personal Statement Law School?

This document is about yourself, your personality and your traits. You have to mention your strengths which make you a useful part of the institution and a successful lawyer. The strengths you can mention in your account can be

  • Hard worker
  • Disciplined/ Well – organized
  • Motivated/ Inspired
  • Passionate
  • Team player
  • Leader
  • Enthusiasm
  • Respectfulness
  • Determination
  • Dedication
  • Patience
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication skills

Other than these, you can mention any other positive personality trait. However, try to be realistic and practical. Avoid exaggerating things, because being honest is also a very important quality.

What Qualities Are Necessary to Be Good Lawyer?

Law as a career is not for everyone. You must possess some key qualities. Every profession has some specific demands and requirements and if you cannot fulfill them, you may not be able to excel in the field. If you want to become a successful lawyer, you must have the following qualities.

  • Observation: You need to be a keen observer.
  • Analytical skills: A person without analytical skills cannot be a lawyer.
  • Research skills: You must have excellent research skills. You have to quote the references of previous cases, which requires a lot of research. You must be aware of different platforms, where you can find your required information.
  • Listening skills: A good listener can be a good lawyer. Listening to your client’s care is the first step in your success.
  • Communication: Law is all about communication, if you cannot communicate effectively, you cannot be a lawyer. You have to communicate with your clients and in the coat, so having communication skills is very important.
  • Perseverance: grit is important to be a lawyer. You need to be very persistent. It may not be a win-win situation always. If you have perseverance, you will be successful.
  • Management: Lawyers need to work on different projects at the same time, and management is very important. People who can’t manage properly ca not get success.

How to Write A Law School Personal Statement?

Documents like law school essays or statements are confusing.

When students start writing them without any worthy law school addendum example on hand, they have no idea about the content, format, and length of these documents. They avoid them, till the last date of application submission. When a statement is written in the last moments the result is a badly written document, which has no focus and no idea.  Consequently, the application is rejected despite all the efforts and struggles. The law school application essay requires your attention and time. If you are not sure about the content, you can get help from writing services. If you are equipped with writing skills, you can hire editing services. You can also find samples of legal personal statement, which are quite helpful.

When you write your statement, use simple words and write short sentences. The aim is to express your personality. The use of fancy words will not impress the reader, rather there will be more chance of mistakes. Students use common catchphrases, which is not a good idea. The admission committee wants to see some original content.

Law School Personal Statement Writing Services

You can not put your career at stake, just because of a statement. If you are not sure about the content of the document, you can hire professionals. Writing services are available online, who can write completely customized documents according to the law school you want to apply. They have professional writers, who have years of experience in writing such documents. They know all those points for which the admission committee is looking for. They not only write but format your documents and you can submit them without having a glance. These writing services are particularly useful when time is very short. They can write your statement with 24 hours deadlines and save you in the last moments. However, you have to be very careful in the selection of the services. Some non-professionals are also working in the field, just to make money. When you hire a writing service, make sure they have professional writers and have a good reputation. You can read client’s reviews to get an idea about the quality of the service.

Law School Personal Statement Editing Services

If you have already written your statement, Bravo! But it is always good to get it checked by the expert. Students are not writing experts and the content you write may contain errors and mistakes. The admission committee does not acknowledge a statement full of mistakes. Mistakes reflect the inability of the writer and the careless attitude, which is not acceptable for any law school.  So, it’s better to get it reviewed by an expert. You can hire editing services for this purpose. They ask for very economical charges. They will correct spelling and grammar mistakes and review your statement. During editing, they will remove all kinds of errors and format your document. NYU law personal statement or any other statement, they will make it error-free and your document will be ready for submission. Select a trustworthy editing service and secure your seat in your favorite law school. You can ask the services about the editing services they offer. Some services offer proofreading services as well. if you have good writing skills and sure about your sentence structure and grammar, you can hire proofreading service.

Sample Law School Personal Statement from Expert Writers

Another helpful source for writing your admission statements is to get help and guidance form samples. You can find a lot of samples and examples online. However, all of them are not trustworthy. Try to find an LLM personal statement sample written by writing experts. They will give you a clear idea about the content and writing style of this key document. You can also get help with the keywords, you can use and the formatting details. However, do not copy anything from these samples. They are for your help and assistance only. The admission committee members are well aware of all such samples, which are available on different platforms and they don’t like plagiarized material. Get help from these samples and construct your statement, step by step. To get help from the samples, you need to read a sample carefully. Consider sentence structure, the choice of words and the use of technical terms. Reading a few samples will give you a clear idea about the content. You can get inspiration to write your own story.

These are the few sources, which help you to write a successful statement paper. If you are writing your statement, review it many times and try to get it reviewed from an expert.

llm personal statement sample


Best Examples of Law School Personal Statements

If you need to write ISAT personal statements, you can find examples online. A large number of websites offer such samples and examples, but you have to make your choices, carefully. The majority of the samples are written just to attract the traffic, the content on those pages is of low quality and they are not properly written. Consulting such examples for guidance can lead to a disaster. Try to find the best examples which are written by experts.

We have law experts in our writing team, who are well aware of the technical terminology. If you need a Tax LLM personal statement or statement about any other sub filed of law, you can use our samples. They are written by our law experts, who have years of experience and many of them have served in different law schools. They know the exact requirements of the law schools, required length and the formatting details. You can use these examples for guidance. They are the true examples in every aspect, no matter its content, formatting, word selection or structure of your statement. Reading statements from different sources will make it easier for you to find the best quality documents. Remember, if you want to write a good statement, you need to follow the good examples. Professionally written examples provide the necessary information and guidance.

law school addendum example  law school addendum sample


Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants have a lot of questions regarding statement writing and sample letter explaining a low GPA. Students who write their statements for the first time have a lot of questions in their minds. They have no idea that either the statement should be like an application or essay or how they have to start? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions, which you may find helpful.

How Long Should A Personal Statement Be for Law School?

Different law schools have different requirements. Some law schools give the word limit, which is usually 500 – 700 words. But in some cases, there is no word limit given and the admission committee gives free hand to the applicants. In this case, you can write a document which should be one and a half page and should not exceed from 2 pages. No one is interested in reading long stories. The admission committee has to review a lot of applications in a limited time. So, write an interesting account, which should not be very long. A comprehensive, well written and precise statement is required.

How to Brainstorm Unique Law School Personal Statement Topics?

It is very important to write a unique personal essay. You can use some tricks to brainstorm a unique law statement. For instance, write or read your resume in detail. It may help you to recall some interesting stories, which you can write in your statement. Think about your strengths and unique qualities, which the admission committee can appreciate. See some samples and examples, you can find some similar ideas. If you like an idea you can write in your unique writing style. It is very important, not to copy anything from any source. Keep your individuality and eccentricity, intact. You can ask your family and friends and they may come up with some interesting observations about your personality. You can ask a friend to write an essay about your personality. An honest review can help you to get a unique topic. When you find a topic, you need to stay focused and use the best skills to write an essay.

What are the crucial NYU Law personal statement writing requirements?

New York University School of law, does not ask for too many requirements, as far as this document is concerned. The official website of the university suggests it as an opportunity for the applicants to describe their unique qualities and true self. They also give you a chance to explain red flags on your resume. They ask students not to mention details, which are already available in resume or application. There is no specific word limit or any specifications about the content. So, you can write your account and try to be precise. Focus on your qualities and abilities and make sure it does not exceed two pages.

What Do They Expect from A Harvard Law Personal Statement?

The official website of Harvard law school takes this document as an opportunity to express yourself, your ideas and your vision. It should not be more than two pages and the font size should not be less than 11 pts. A 1-inch margin is required on all four sides. As far as content is concerned, they expect students to explain their strengths, which can contribute to the campus and other law communities. You can express your interests and intellectual background.

Should I Submit A Diversity Statement for Law School?

Most of the law school asks for a one-page diversity statement as an optional essay. This document is just another opportunity to explain yourself. You can see the website of the law school, where you are applying. If they ask for a diversity statement, they provide some guidelines as well. If there is no information on the website, you can call the office and ask about it. If you can write properly, it is always good to submit a diversity statement. You will have another page to explain your strengths and attributes. However, if you are not sure about the content, consider hiring a professional or don’t write it at all.

What Should Be Included in A Law School Personal Statement?

In this document, you have to introduce yourself as a person. Tell me about your motivation for being a lawyer. What are your long term and short-term goals? Why do you want to get admission to this particular law school? What are the unique personality traits, which can contribute to the betterment of the school? How passionate you are about being a lawyer? How you can make a difference in the lives of the people around you and society, at large? These are just a few questions, which must be answered in your statement. However, avoid telling those details which are already mentioned in your CV. If you have any distinction in your academic career, do mention them. Try not to compare any institute or any person with the other.

How Long Should Your Personal Statement Be for Law School?

The law school statement should not be very long. You have to write a comprehensive and precise note. Admission committee members have to go through a large number of applications and they are not interested in reading long stories. Have an engaging start and make sure you keep the reader interested till the end. One and a half page document is enough, and you must not exceed from two pages. Build your story and leave a long-lasting impact on the mind of the reader.

Struggling with law school personal statement? Our examples can help you. Try them now!