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11 Ways to Completely Reconstruct Your Erasmus Personal Statement

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An Erasmus personal statement is one of the most important document to send to the admission center of Erasmus program if you want to be selected among the many people who want to study abroad. This personal statement will define the outcome of your efforts in becoming the next student to go study abroad, as it works more like an exchange student personal statement. It’s not only important for exchange education but it’s also one of the main MBA abroad requirements. However, going abroad to study is not something easy to do. The most famous international exchange programs in the world will not only ask for an exchange student personal statement or Hult international business school personal statement but for much more.

So, if you want to know the different important details necessary to apply for an exchange student to Europe or any other continent, you will need to be totally clear in what’s expected. That’s why we have assembled an article with the most important information on how to apply for exchange student and how to write an Erasmus personal statement correctly. Take a look further to find out more!

Benefits of Studying Abroad

The experience of studying abroad is just wonderful, as it offers one of the greatest tool of education that is pure practical experience and different backgrounds from people to learn from. The exchange experience is just intertwined of plenty of features that can be put together in order to achieve great results.

However, the main benefits can be separated in educational, personal and long-term benefits.

Educational benefits of studying abroad

Learning in different parts of the world will give students a different approach when it comes to cultural acceptance and perspectives for the outer world that will give a wonderful and most profound understanding of the world.

This also helps in learning new languages and immersing in new ways of learning as it gives the necessary skills for being a more opened person. Even so, it can also help the student to achieve better analytical skills and problem-solving abilities due to the differences experiences the students will be subjected to. Moreover, general knowledge and a broader and more interested understanding of world problems will be achieved thanks to the experience of studying abroad.

Personal benefits of studying abroad

When it comes to the personal benefits of studying abroad, these are totally immense to a person. Studying abroad will give multiple personal and social skills to students, especially when it comes to learning to talk to people with different backgrounds.

Also, it will be one wonderful for development in many ways, increasing confidence, self-esteem and helping the student to get out of their comfort zone by increasing their likeness of affronting challenges with more decisive force and fewer doubts.

Plus, an increasing sense of accomplishment and success is felt when the student ends his career, giving more courage to students to develop important self-opinions that also give new goals and eventually help them at taking better life decisions.

Long-term benefits of studying abroad

The most important benefits at long-term gaining from studying abroad come from being able to live and discover new cultures. This gives students a new perspective on life, plus giving a sensation of comfortability independently of the context the person is going to end up at. This gives a better and more focused mindset to long-term goals, making it easier to make positive decisions in life.

Also, studying abroad gives students a more developed tool of communication that they can use to relate and influence others. With the experience of living abroad, students are more likely to learn things that were totally unknown to them when they were in their native country.

Even so, if the students get to work in the same country in which they did the exchange at, they are more likely to develop responsibility skills, focus and more success when it comes to difficult times, thanks to the knowledge and perspective gained from living in different cultures.
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Most Popular International Student Exchange Programs

Among the most popular international student exchange programs we can name a few that have a made a big impact in the world. These are:

Youth for understanding

Youth for Understanding or YFU as it is also known is a life-changing exchange program that offers the opportunity to study abroad to teen from 15 to 18 years old in a year or less. This opportunity offers students to go to countries like Australia, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Belgium, China, and the other 35 countries around the world. Even so, this program doesn’t demand the students to know the language beforehand, as it offers a wonderful academic experience for those who want to learn the language and look for a specialty in the fields of sports, nature, theater or science.


CIEE is a wonderful exchange program that has been working since 1947 offering different opportunities to many students around the world to go study abroad and widen their life experiences. This program works in 11 countries like Germany, France, Ireland, Chile, New Zealand, Spain, and Japan.

This wonderful program also offers the opportunity to have language orientation and help for those who need some in order to avoid emergencies. It is one of the best for the wonderful support the organizers offer to the exchanged students when it comes to eventual happenings.

Experiment in international living

The Experiment International Living or EIL is one of the greatest international student exchange programs because of the wonderful academic and themed experiences that are not met by any other program in the world. Therefore, students that are chosen to participate in this program tend to go to different places around the world to learn about specific things that are focused on the culture of that country their visiting, making it a more immersive and learning experience that no other program in the world can offer.

Erasmus Mundus

The Erasmus Mundus exchange program offers the opportunity to apply for an exchange student program in Europe and partner countries. It is specially designed for students of highest academic achievements, like BAs, MAs, PhDs and even MBAs who want to study abroad and widen their possibilities.

This program also offers a grant, improving the experience for every student who chooses Erasmus and broadening the knowledge and skills of the student.

This list of top student exchange programs in the world was created by ESL – Languages Studies Abroad.

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What Is Erasmus Mundus Exactly

Erasmus Mundus admission is a program that offers one of the best international exchange programs for students around the world to Europe or within Europe. This program offers an almost free abroad study, where the program takes care of half of the costs for staying abroad. However, there are some tuition fees that have to be paid before being sent to the program, these fees are paid by the home university.

This program is an approach from the EU that offers the opportunity for students of all Europe countries to go study in other countries as an exchange in a way that no other program in the world offers.

Take a look at this video from Stefan Jahnke, President of the Erasmus Student Network, where he talks about the program and how it changed his life.

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Advantages of the Erasmus Mundus Program

One of the best benefits of studying abroad in a number of courses the student can take on another country. This is a basic right for all students who apply for exchange student abroad and gets selected among the luckiest ones. The host universities tend to have a Learning Agreement that has all legal documentation about the courses and academic activities the student was involved in.

Another benefit is the opportunity to learn more from another culture, giving a new social perspective and a new world vision. Also, the student is very likely to learn a new language or improve his knowledge on a second one. However, Erasmus offers a wonderful Online Linguistic Support for those students who don’t know the language of the country they were exchanged with and need some help.

If you want to know more about this program and its advantages, this video from the Erasmus Website explains more about it.
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Top Reasons to Become an Exchange Student

Becoming an exchange student in the different International Exchange programs available in the world is not an easy task. However, many people tend to prefer this way of learning as it offers one of the best experiences a student can get in order to become a more professional person when it comes to academic life. Even so, different programs around the world are totally different from others, like the Erasmus Mundus admission which offers the opportunity to travel into a Europe country to study.

These top reasons are:

Getting to experience life in a different culture

Exchanging students tend to get more knowledge from traveling to another country to study than studying in their own country. This happens because students are more likely to open their eyes, giving a once-in-a-lifetime experience that not many people are lucky to experience.

Learn new languages and improve social skills

Most students who travel abroad to study tend to go prefer countries which the main language in English, like the UK and US. However, there are many other opportunities for those who want a wider experience, offering the opportunity to learn new languages in order to achieve a second language and be later called a bilingual.

Even so, learning a new language can also improve the way people think and behave. This can totally affect the way a person starts to feel about himself, changing their behavior, confidence and even improving their social skills with practice with people from another country, where the student will have to communicate more in order to get things done.

Academic benefits

By going to study abroad, a person can develop new skills and learn things about a different culture. This also offers the opportunity of widening the knowledge on a certain field, especially if the student wants to go abroad as a professional. Even so, studying in a different country gives the student more opportunities when it comes to getting a job, as people tend to find abroad studies totally interesting, especially when they are specializations in a specific field.

It doesn’t cost too much

Yes, studying abroad can seem really expensive, but it is actually really affordable. Even so, many programs around the world offer abroad studies for a really wonderful price, making it totally worth it experience for students who want to widen their knowledge and possibilities.

Moreover, being sent to another country as an exchange student demands of a monthly payment to the home university. This payment will be taken as a tuition fee by the student in order to help him live in another country without having to work if not necessary.

Learn more about the opportunities and benefits from studying in a foreign country by visiting the AFS – Intercultural Programs website.

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Requirements to Apply for Exchange Student Program

  • A full-term attendance or degree in High School or a University with ties to the selected exchange program.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 at least. (A student with a GPA below 2.5 may get canceled for not meeting the requirement).
  • Perfect copies of all grades from previous terms.
  • An above-average academic standing.
  • More than 1 year of studies in the home institution.
  • Competent grades.
  • No pending probationary status due to misconducts or dishonesties in the institution.
  • No financial obligations with the institution.
  • No violations of the student code from the institution.
  • No probation, parole or any other legal judgment pending.
  • A student Visa.
  • Language Proficiency test like TOEFL, IELTS or MELAB (depending on the host country and the exchange program).
  • Some programs demand the student to make an exchange student personal statement in order to be eligible.

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11 Tips to Reconstruct an Erasmus Personal Statement

If you want to be selected for an Erasmus Mundus admission, it is totally important to follow certain rules. However, we’ve created a list with 11 tips to help everyone who wants to go as an exchange student to another country in order to become eligible. These tips are:

  • Research your destinations clearly and make a wonderful statement on why you want to go as an exchange student there.
  • Be clear on your long-term goals of getting admitted in one student exchange program.
  • Try to pick a country in which it will be easier for you to communicate (even though some programs offer language studies for free).
  • Make a list of what you think will be more interesting for you of getting a student exchange program opportunity.
  • If an exchange student program is not what you want exactly, be clear on your desires.
  • You can make clear that you want an internship in another country, to go as a research student, to take short courses or just volunteering.
  • Take a good look at the institutions available in your desired country and if the program offers exactly what you want.
  • Explain why is it that you decided to apply for an exchange student program in the first place.
  • Don’t forget to point out your strengths as a student, especially if you are an advanced one from Bachelor’s up.
  • Try to point out the advantages of going to the country of your preference and why did you prefer it in the first place.
  • Don’t ever forget to be clear and concise in every statement, without falling into deep explanations and making everything appealing for the admission committee that will take a look at your statement.

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A Student Exchange Program Is the Best Way to Learn

Finally, going as an exchange student to another country is one of the best experiences anyone can have in their life. This will teach the person about almost every aspect of life, from the most valuable experiences to every single aspect of personal and professional values. If you want to get selected, you will have to write the best Erasmus personal Statement you can and we can easily help you with your personal statement edit.

Don’t hesitate in contacting us so we can help you with Erasmus personal statement further!