Good Personal Statement Examples


The main target for your teaching personal statement or any kind of personal statement is to show off your most valuable skills and knowledge that will correspond to those required by the course you want to apply at college or university and if you do succeed with reflecting them in the right way considering you won! Such requirements as appropriate personal skills for the enrollment usually include the ability to work as a part of the team and independently as well, have the time management and problem-solving skills, leadership and enthusiasm. But mind that listing the irrelevant skills can be bad for the application document because they just create the informational noise instead of delivering the value. A good document should involve specific examples featuring:

  • Projects and assignments that you implemented and your role in them
  • Your place and position (what have you manages to learn and achieve, what outcomes have you brought from the experience?)
  • What valuable insight has your role in the project gave to you (how collaboration and teamwork contributed to your knowledge)
  • What were the challenges along the way and the paths you applied that helped to overcome the obstacles
  • What were the additional contributions that you brought to the project

good personal statement examplesWhat Admission Committee Looks for in Personal Statements for Dental School

Admission committee members are very critical in selecting pre-dental students, you need a good dental school personal statement. And so the committee wants pre-dental students to display a strong sense of ethical standard and the readiness to uphold oral healthcare in solving societal problems. They look out for persons who can demonstrate a sense of doggedness and show a good understanding of time management in dental school personal statements. A course in dentistry can take several turns and require the student to have a great sense of proprietary. Dental courses could mean over 40 hours of pre-clinical classes, laboratory work, classroom work and attending to patients. The board hopes to see a personal experience that reflects the hurdles you have crossed without it hindering your passion for the medical profession and may be a proof of community service, lending a helping hand.
dental school personal statement sample  residency personal statement sample  occupational therapy personal statement sample

What Admission Committee Looks for in a Study Abroad Personal Statement

A study abroad personal statement must show to the admissions committee that you understand what it takes to acclimatize and appreciate the cultures of the country where you intend studying. As a study abroad student, you already must have your letters of recommendation from reputable persons or lecturers. It should also show you have a clean bill of health posing no health hazard to your new environment if granted admission. If you have visited, lived, worked or studied in other countries besides your country of residence and then seeking admission to a foreign university it could provide an added advantage to a personal statement for study abroad. You need to state why you intend studying abroad and your goal for taking the course. Display passion and excitement through your “why study abroad personal statement” and how much contributions you plan on bringing on campus, the country of study and values you will take back to your home country to make a difference.

What Admission Committee Looks for in a Personal Statement for Engineering

Writing an essay for engineering is very crucial for your admission. The admissions committee wants to see how much value you would bring to the institution. Include projects and works whether paid or social works that you have been involved in before and has relevance to your intended field of study. Respond directly and adequately to the questions asked while applying. Learn to write like you are the person to read it so you can say what you mean with less ambiguity. Present yourself as a person with knowledge of what the engineering field entails and how you think you can help make a difference. Be confident, professional and straightforward in your comments.

What Admission Committee Looks for in a Personal Statement MBA

An MBA course is a high-flyer course that positions you at senior management levels even in fortune 500 companies and conglomerates. MBA graduates manage some of the best consulting firms around. You must be very professional in your MBA personal statement as the admissions committee seeks students who are not only dogged and ready to learn but are innovative and can cope with the rigors of an MBA program. The admission committee wants to be sure you understand why you want an MBA degree and the value you intend bringing into global business practices.

Writing an application essay may be challenging for some especially to those who do not have a way with words because this statement will help determine whether you are a good candidate for the course or not. A teaching personal statement should be able to inform readers about your assets as well as your reasons why you should be considered among the other applicants. You should recognize that such a document is a way of introducing yourself, it is a way of describing your experiences, skills, and ambitions. It is the document that will help you to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Remember that what you write could be used to decide between you and another candidate for the final spot on that dream course. So, it will be helpful for you to find out a really quality template.

If you want to be able to come up with an impressive statement, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for good application essay examples so you can pattern your own paper with them. Or you can ask for a professional writing service, which can help you with different types of a personal statement, besides personal statements MBA, such as:

  • Engineering
  • College
  • Law school
  • Nursing
  • PhD
  • Graduate school
  • Residency
  • Study abroad
  • Fellowship
  • Dental school

Where to Find a Good Personal Statement Examples

If you are looking for examples of a personal statement your best bet would be the internet because it is here where you can get dozens of samples that you can review. However, you need to be careful in choosing which sample to follow because there are some that might not follow proper guidelines. You should take into account different details that are important to include in the process of crafting a good document. That’s why you should pay attention to a source where you found out a sample and on its quality.


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