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Personal Statement Writing for University Applicants from Lithuania

A student from Lithuania applying to a university outside of their own country will have to write a personal statement as part of the application process. The personal statement for university application is different from the personal statement CV or resumes contain. A CV personal statement is a brief listing of qualities, skills, and experience that provides evidence of your ability to do a job. The personal statement for university application should avoid reading like a resume, and while it may include skills and abilities, it is intended to provide evidence of motivation and commitment. It is your commitment to completing your course of study that admissions are trying to determine from your personal statement. Your abilities are included in other documents such as school transcripts.

Guidelines for Writing the Personal Statement UCAS Applicants from Lithuania Can Use

Applicants from Lithuania to a university undergraduate program in the UK will have to write a UCAS personal statement. All undergraduate college and university applications in the UK are processed by UCAS (University and College Application Service). Application requirements including your personal statement are provided to any university you apply to by UCAS. Only one personal statement may be submitted regardless of how many schools you are applying to. The following are some UCAS personal statement writing tips that may prove useful:

  • Make sure to provide your reasons for studying the subject you are applying for.
  • Pay extra attention to the first paragraph of your personal statement. It is considered the most important part of the personal statement and should capture and hold the attention of the reader.
  • Always be specific and avoid using general or ambiguous statements. Use examples to back up statements that you make.
  • Use a clear and concise style of writing. Unnecessary words that don’t serve a purpose should be eliminated.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors

If you encounter problems writing your personal statement Lithuania or personal statement Poland you can contact our personal statement writing service for help.

Top 5 Universities in Lithuania

  1. Šiauliai University
  2. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  3. Vilnius University
  4. Mykolas Romeris University
  5. Kaunas University of Technology

Personal Statement Writing Assistance in Lithuania

lithuania personal statement

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The personal statement writing services we offer to students from Lithuania cover all aspects of personal statement essays writing at every academic level. Editing, revising and writing your personal statement are just some of the services we provide. Our writers are professionals with the skills, knowledge, and experience to provide you with a personal statement of the highest caliber. Some of the advantages of using our service include:

  • Professional editing of all personal statements we provide
  • Free plagiarism checks
  • Guarantees on every personal statement for originality, quality and on time delivery
  • Customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For a personal statement that makes the impression you want, contact us with all of your personal statement needs.