MBA Personal Statement Template

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MBA Personal Statement Template

Arriving in London eight years ago was the start of a truly transformation time of my life. I was born and raised in (where?) which was a far different environment than London. I immediately began to get my feet wet in business by working with a temp agency as a receptionists, or personal assistance, which helped mould me into a more savvy business person and increased my communication and interpersonal skills. After two months time I solidified my first permanent job as a customer service assistant at the Executive Offices Group. While serving as a customer service assistant my love for the business blossomed and I learned invaluable skills such as; customer service, how to properly deal with angry customers, as well as increased my communication skills.

I was quickly promoted to the position of Conferencing Manager and was then offered a better position, Assistant Centre Manager, which was too good to pass up. This role increased my business acumen, gave me applicable training e, and helped my my managing and communication skills which have enabled me to lead a team, as well as work within the team cohesively. From there I attracted offers from African Minerals Limited, a client of DIFG Global, and was given the opportunity to serve as office manager in their newest offices. This position requires me to be exceedingly organized, to facilitate work between various departments and to oversee the running of the entire office.

I believe the Global MBA program at the London School of Business and Finance will greatly assist me in solving real world problems by engaging in projects dealing with the most expansive business and economic issues facing the world today, as well as delve into solid case studies. As an MBA student I look forward to being exposed to experienced professors and to practicing my analytical skills and increasing my overall working knowledge of the business. I feel my educational background, when combined with my work history; make me an ideal MBA candidate. In return I bring with me endless enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and a deep desire to succeed and help those around me finds their successes as well.

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