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Top 10 Tips for Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement

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The Importance of Your Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement

Getting onto the program that you want to apply to is not going to be that simple. Most programs are oversubscribed and you are going to have to work hard on your application if you are going to beat your competition. Unless you can make your application to keep you ahead of the pack then you may find that you are not chosen for the place that you want.

Applicants will often have grades and qualifications that are pretty similar so you will need to make yourself stand out in another way. The only opportunity that you will have to do this is with your custom personal statement writer for criminology and psychology. A well-written statement can be a fundamental tool for entering into universities and that’s why you need to write yours perfectly and that is why you should ask for help from professional personal statement writing service.

Using Personal Statement Examples Criminology

Criminology and psychology personal statement examples can be used for getting ideas and to see how others have approached their writing. However, they need to be treated with care. Never copy them, it won’t help you and additionally, it can ruin your reputation because of plagiarism. Your personal statement needs to be written about you and your plans for the future and should also be tailored to reflect the expectations of the program that you are applying to. Also, not every sample that you see online is as good as they claim so you need to use them with care when you are writing your own.
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Tips for Writing Your Perfect Personal Statement

The following are some easy to use tips that will help you to ensure that your psychology or law with criminology personal statement will help you to win your criminology and psychology place:

  • Tailor your statement to reflect the exact requirements of the program that you are applying to. Check the prospectus and website to ensure that you know what they value in an applicant.
  • Your opening line must hook in the reader so that they will want to read more. Try to use an interesting personal anecdote that will get their attention.
  • Make your personal statement flow like a story rather than simply listing facts about yourself as you would in your resume.
  • Do not repeat information that they can find elsewhere in your application.
  • Clearly cover the information about yourself:
    • Why do you have an interest in criminology and psychology?
    • How have you pursued this interest until now?
    • What do you see as your career?
    • What capabilities do you have that suit you for this subject?
    • What is your purpose of applying to this specific program?
  • Avoid using quotations and any form of clichés: they want to hear your thoughts.
  • Never use any slang or acronyms: also avoid the use of overly unusual or complex words taken from your thesaurus.
  • Be comprehensive and concise: don’t use 50 words if you are able to say it clearly in a dozen.
  • Write about yourself and not others: this is your personal statement.
  • Proofread until you are confident that there are no errors in your writing.

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