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Study Abroad Requirements

No matter where you are in the world, it proves wise to learn of the basics, along with the requirements for the admissions process. Today, we’ve prepared a handy list of the things to know about application in a specific country.
study abroad requirements


Study Abroad Requirements in Spain

  • A statement of purpose
  • Undergraduate program; upper secondary studies and a valid school leaving certificate
  • Credential de acceso (Get this certificate in no more than three months.)
  • Certificate and application to a university of choice

Admissions in Slovakia

  • First level: complete secondary education or secondary vocational education
  • Third level is to graduate from a second level study education
  • Confirmation of passing a recognized final examination
  • Documents that confirm the achieved study level

Sweden Requirements

  • Complete upper secondary studies in a Lisbon Convention recognized country
  • Valid school leaving certificate and then qualifying for higher education studies in the native country
  • TISUS test
  • Doctoral studies
  • TOEFL, minimum of 173 points; or a Cambridge First Certificate in English, a minimum of B grade

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Norway Admission Requirements

  • Passport copy
  • Application form for student residence along with a passport photo
  • Letter of acceptance from an institution should contain the applicant’s name, school name, program or course the student has been admitted to
  • Documentation of housing

Italy Admission Documents/Requirements

  • Minimum level of Italian equal to B2 in the European Language Passport classification. You will be exempted from taking if you have C1 or C2
  • Proven English proficiency

– ranked according to the GPA from the previous study

Belgium Requirements for Admission

  • Dentistry or medicine
  • Pass an admissions test accredited and organized by the ministry of education
  • A skills test; artistic education
  • Relevant diploma or master’s degree holder
  • Language proficiency: French, Dutch or German

France’s Universities General Requirements

  • Undergraduate degrees
  • Passed entrance exam in the home country
  • Personal interview
  • Doctoral studies; relevant master’s degree
  • Proven understanding and knowledge of the French language

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